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      fashion support exchange.com

      I completed a satisfaction survey (Comcast) and was told I would receive a watch if I paid shipping charges of $6.99. When I received my credit card bill, I noticed a charge for $99.98. When I called…

      Anonymous Greg Posted:05/22/2017 12 Related Reports
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      I ordered the product shown. It was said to be just $4.95. It never mentioned that it was a continuous shipment and for $132.90 per month! I have looked for a phone number and finally found one. I am…

      Anonymous Cathy Posted:05/22/2017 5 Related Reports
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      ROK7. com

      I ordered the VR Glasses which were free Just had to pay 19.99 for shipping. that was about a month ago Today they hit my bank account for 39.99

      Anonymous Timothy Posted:05/22/2017 25 Related Reports
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      Gilman & Ciocia

      Lied about fees, insisting there were no fees, no cost to me and $10,000 was removed from my account without my approval, any notice, and this was hidden from me with statements fraudulently showing…

      Anonymous Linda Posted:05/21/2017 1 Related Reports
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      Emir Osman 20 Dimsdale Drive, EN1 1HB

      My name is Aycan Mustafa. I need to lodge a complaint against this man and make the public understand that he is providing a fake and bogus service. Emir Osman claims that he can increase the mortgate…

      Anonymous Aycan Posted:05/21/2017 3 Related Reports
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      AirBnB scam

      I replied to a listing on Airbnb. I was told to wire money to the following address for faster service. Because they were listed on Airbnb with (fake) reviews I assumed they were vetted. Martin Kolar…

      Anonymous mark Posted:05/21/2017 2 Related Reports
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      Our company name is : Le Royer et Fils inc 885 Belmont Mc Masterville, Quebec, Canadas J3G 5M6 Phone: 450-446-6933 Yanick@leroyeretfils.com After receiving pre-production sample of custom usb and sen…

      Anonymous yanick Posted:05/21/2017 1 Related Reports

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