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      Alisha the bright star of clairvoyance

      This woman ( or Company ) will not leave me alone for the last year, I have even blocked her on my emails, yet, she still seems to manage to pop up in my inbox! If I knew who to complain to, I would.…

      Anonymous claire Posted:2 hours ago 9 Related Reports
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      Middleman - repeatedly has promised to pay me funds from brokering a Lordsmobile account sale. The seller (Ive confirmed sent them money, we followed Middlemans procedures), but Middleman kept the mon…

      Anonymous Mike Posted:13 hours ago 26 Related Reports
    • calvinlee00311@gmail.com

      Online web scam. www.elementbyenglobo.com.au Paid for goods Never received and absolutely no response to any of my communications www.safesslbillpay.com where the credit card transaction merchants a…

      Anonymous William Posted:16 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      Thinking it was a business located in the United Kingdom, I ordered a pair of size 9 Reebok Exofit Hi Wheat shoes. I received a confirmation email shortly after the purchase, but no shipping informat…

      Anonymous Jim Posted:12/09/2017 5 Related Reports
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      We were trying to change our address and a girl working at MV, in Vero Beach, gave us the address for Drivers-Licenses.org. We went to this address and clicked on address change and completed the pro…

      Anonymous Margaret Posted:12/08/2017 46 Related Reports
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      Federal Reserve Bank

      Received a call say that I going to get a grant for 9800 in which I didn't have to pay back after spending 1,150 in transaction fees they tell me there's a problem. I spoke to five different people on…

      Anonymous Shameka Posted:12/08/2017 93 Related Reports
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      On Sunday, 11/20/2017, I made two orders on the TOMTOP website, I made the payment at the same time through a bank slip, and it was confirmed by the company EBANX the next day, 11/21/2017. One of the…

      Anonymous Jean Posted:12/08/2017 2 Related Reports

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