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      Purchased what was supposed to be a Ted Baker Dress from last season. Because it was last seasons I expected it to be discounted so the price seemed appropriate at 161NZD /86GBP (ie not too cheap) so…

      Anonymous Angela Posted:12 hours ago 4 Related Reports
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      UD Management Group

      I was sold one magazine subscription and a book order by a gentleman walking through my neighborhood. Total payment, $90.00. At the end of 120 days, I began calling the company, Unified Doers Manage…

      Anonymous Brad Posted:13 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      inbox pays

      I put in a payment request 3/21/2017, I called the number they had to call and verified that I was the person that made the request but all I got was a recording I tried all day with no luck.

      Anonymous Mattie Posted:15 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      The problem started when I cancelled an order I placed for an item (a winter sweater to be exact) from the ROMWE website on February 12th of this year. The said order No: RWBPL29781 was cancelled simp…

      Anonymous Victoria Posted:15 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      I was corresponding with advanced system care when unbeknown to me I was transferred to upclick who asked me to type a few digits and it then took control of my computer and consequently was scammed o…

      Anonymous Ray Posted:19 hours ago 151 Related Reports
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      I thought to buy a pair of dr. martens from an english website called gamersguild (www.gamersguild.co.uk)and I received an email confirming the purchase from automatic7@onlinescredit.com but I also ge…

      Anonymous cristina Posted:20 hours ago 60 Related Reports
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      They offered me cheap cream for $2-4 like sample, I agreed for one time , but continued to receive shipments with this small bottle during whole year. In shipping receipt never was any price informat…

      Anonymous Sofia Posted:03/22/2017 4 Related Reports
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      Dermal life

      was completely ripped off, overcharged for botox and fillers, was supposed to get a refund and got double charged. The botox abd fillers was completely diluted somehow and did not even work. having t…

      Anonymous Nicole Posted:03/22/2017 2 Related Reports

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